Mirror Mirror (••, Specchio ••)Edit

Action: Instant
Dice pool: Inner Light + Investigation, modified by Sympathy
Cost: 1 Wisp or 2 Wisps
Duration: successes in turns

With this trick a Princess of Mirrors can look into one mirror and see out another. Sympathy is measured from the mirror she’s seeing out of, not the one she looks into. The Noble is limited by the quality of the two mirrors used, a low quality mirror that gives a bad reflection gives a low quality image.

If the Noble spends a second Wisp, her own image appears in the mirror she sees out of; this can be used to show pictures or writing to anyone at that mirror.

Upgrade: ListeningEdit

The Noble hears sounds through the mirror she sees out of. If a mirror gives a bad picture it also gives bad audio. If she spends a second Wisp any sound she makes is heard at the other mirror; this can be used as an untappable telephone.

Upgrade: Distant (Specchio •••)Edit

The Noble names a target and sees her from the viewpoint of the closest mirror or reflective surface. If no surface is available the Charm fails automatically and the Noble knows why. With this upgrade Sympathy is measured to the person she is targeting.

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