Naiad's Paths (•••, Acqua ••)Edit

Requires Celestial Dance with Floating
Action: Instant
Dice pool: Resolve + Athletics
Cost: 2 Wisps
Duration: 1 scene

In all its forms, water will support the Noble wherever she might wish to go.

Dramatic Failure: The Charm stops working when the Noble is standing on a particularly deep pool, dropping her into the water (or somewhere as inconvenient as that, at the Storyteller’s discretion.) The Noble cannot use the Charm again for the rest of the scene.
Failure: The Noble gains no ability to walk on liquids or atop snow.
Success: As long as the Charm lasts, the Noble walks on the surface of any liquid, or along the top of a snowbank, as if it were solid ground, without sinking in. Running water can throw the Noble off balance or carry her with it; the Storyteller may call for Athletics actions to stay upright in white water, for example, if the Noble tries to walk on it. The Noble may end the Charm prematurely if she wants to get under water. If she uses the Charm while submerged, the Noble will rise to the surface at her maximum running Speed.
Exceptional Success: The Noble can turn the Charm on and off during the scene without ending it, walking on water or swimming in it as she pleases.