Nation Officer (•-•••••)Edit

One of the gifts given to every Noble is the potential to draw people to the service of a good cause, and open their hearts to the Light. Your character has been initiated to the Light in this way; he is an officer in a Nation.

As a Merit, Nation Officer is nearly identical to Mystery Cult Initiation [CofD 51]; each dot in it dictates standing in the Nation, and confers a special benefit to the character. In addition to the standard Mystery Cult benefits, the character also gains the Nation’s Vocation, from which he may earn Luminous Beats. Nations may also develop some unusual Merits from their connection to the Light, for which Nation Officer • is a prerequisite. If your character begins play as a Nation Officer, work with the Storyteller to develop the Nation he belongs to.

Drawback: Your character must obey her Nation’s Ban. If he breaks the Ban, he immediately loses this Merit and any other merits that require it, and cannot buy them back before the end of the current story. A Nation’s Ban is developed along with all its other details.