Nature's Harvest (•, Legno •)Edit

Action: Instant
Dice pool: Dexterity + Survival
Cost: 1 Wisp
Duration: lasting

The Noble coaxes a plant to produce its harvest ahead of time. If she isn’t touching a plant reasonably near maturity or at least large enough to produce its crop, or if anyone has used the Charm on the plant within the past season, the Charm fails. (The plant must also have adequate soil and not be severely deprived of water or sunlight, but it need not be in season.)

Dramatic Failure: The targeted plant wilts. Short-lived plants die; trees lose their leaves and may get dead branches.
Failure: The plant yields no harvest.
Success: When used to obtain edible fruits, nuts or berries from appropriate trees and bushes, each activation success subtracts two successes from the threshold of the Noble’s next attempt to forage for food. However, successes exceeding the plant’s Size have no effect. Alternatively, it’s quite possible to use the Charm more frivolously (e.g. to produce lots of flowers) or productively (to get lots of acorns from an oak tree or other appropriate seeds, for example), at the Storyteller’s discretion.
Exceptional Success: The Noble’s next attempt to forage for food gains the 9-again quality.

The crops are guaranteed to stay fresh for at least one day per dot of Legno unless some supernatural effect gets in the way. Nature’s Harvest does not harm the plant.

Upgrade: AscendingEdit

Cost: +1 Wisp

The plant grows under the Noble’s touch, even if it began as a mere seed; it achieves up to the activation successes or its natural maximum in Size, whichever is lower, over the same number of minutes, and produces the expected harvest in the process. (The plant’s growth will generally be limited by available soil for its root system.) Once the Charm is complete, the newly-grown plant remains a normal plant of its species, although it’s advisable to water it well if one wants to keep it around.

Upgrade: Miraculous (Legno ••)Edit

Requires Ascending

The plant no longer requires adequate soil, sunlight, or anything else as long as there’s enough room for its base to be planted in the earth. However, the Charm’s magic will only sustain the plant for Legno minutes after its growth is complete - if it doesn’t have enough water and room to grow, it obviously won’t last long.

Upgrade: Transfigured (Legno •••)Edit

Requires Ascending
Cost: +2 Wisps

At the Noble’s discretion, the plant produces any crop she needs regardless of its actual species. She can grow oranges from an apple tree, apples from a pine tree, or roses from a barrel cactus if she chooses. A single activation produces a harvest of just one species of plant.