Nova Strike (••••, Fuoco ••••)Edit

Requires Levinbolt
Action: Reflexive
Dice pool: Strength + Science - blast radius in yards
Cost: 2 Wisps
Duration: 1 attack

The Noble conjures a ball that explodes in a gout of consuming fire. She may activate the Charm when she attacks with her Levinbolt weapon, and sets the explosion’s size at that point, taking a penalty to her dice pool equal to its radius in yards.

Dramatic Failure: The ball explodes in the Noble’s hands. The Charm has its normal effect, centered on her.
Failure: The Noble fires Levinbolt normally.
Success: The Noble loads her Levinbolt with an incendiary bomb. When she throws or fires the bomb, her attack doesn’t resolve normally; the Noble rolls just to see if the bomb goes where she wants it to. Instead, an explosion goes off centered where the bomb lands; its Blast Area is what she chose for it, and its Damage and Force are both equal to her Fuoco. The incendiary effect starts fires of Intensity 2.
Exceptional Success: The incendiary is hot enough to melt metal. It starts fires of Intensity 3.