Ofuda (•••)Edit

Action: Extended, 5 minutes/roll, threshold = 4x strength
Dice pool: Presence + Crafts
Cost: 1 Wisp
Duration: 1 scene

The Noble imbues an object with the power to repel a type of supernatural being. She chooses the type of being, and the strength of the repulsion, when activating the Charm. As long as the Charm lasts, any character of that type coming within (2x Inner Light) yards of the imbued object reflexively rolls Composure + Supernatural Tolerance - the Charm’s strength. Failing the roll gives the character the Fearful Condition, focused on the imbued object and the area within the given radius of it; on a dramatic failure the character gains the Terrified Condition instead. Either Condition ends when the Charm does. If the imbued object is destroyed, the Charm ends.



The Noble may allow a number of trusted individuals, up to her Inner Light, to bypass her protections. Alternately, by adding Commonalty to the roll she may allow members of an organization to enter unbarred. The Noble may change who is permitted and who is not after the Ofuda is created by casting Ofuda again while touching the Imbued Item. This will not change the strength of the defenses.


The Noble may intertwine an Ofuda with Consecrated ground. This both extends its range to cover the entire area, as measured by its Sanctuary rating, and extends the duration until the ground is no longer Consecrated or until the imbued object is destroyed.

An Ofuda invoked with Sanctuary must be built into the physical structure of the Consecrated ground it protects, even if only by nailing it to the wall. If it is removed from the Consecrated ground the Charm ends.


Requires Legno •• or more
Stackable 4 times
Cost: +1-4 Wisps
Duration: 1/2/4/8 x Inner Light hours

The Ofuda wards the area for a long time. The first purchase of this upgrade extends the Charm’s duration to the Noble’s Inner Light in hours, if she spends 1 more Wisp. Each subsequent purchase allows spending 1 more Wisp to double the duration. The Noble may purchase the upgrade up to her Legno - 1 times.