On With the Motley ••• (Aria ••)Edit

Action: Instant
Dice pool: Presence + Subterfuge, modified by Commonalty
Cost: 1 Wisp
Duration: successes in turns

Sometimes it’s necessary to provide a spectacle to draw people’s attention away, while an accomplice does the real work. The Noble uses this Charm on the members of an organization who can see her, applying the Commonalty modifier for them.

Dramatic Failure: The Noble can’t get attention from her targets to save her life. For the rest of the scene, her Social actions aimed at the targets take a penalty equal to her Aria.
Failure: The Noble fails to distract her targets.
Success: For one turn per activation success, and as long as the targets can see the Noble, their eyes remain fixed on her and everything else slips from their notice. Outside of combat, the targets must succeed on a Perception roll to notice the presence of any other person or object beyond the most generic description (e.g. man, woman or child; car or truck; chair, desk or table) and anyone who actively conceals themselves will succeed automatically.
The Charm is less effective during a fight, when people are keyed up and attentive, but even then the targets must pass a Perception check to notice anyone who doesn’t attack them. However, the Noble herself can’t avoid attention - any use of Stealth or attempt to conceal herself immediately ends the Charm.
Exceptional Success: The targets perceive nothing but the Noble. Their Perception rolls are penalized by her dots in Aria.