One Perfect Woman (•••••, Specchio ••••)Edit

Avatar (Mirrors)
Action: Instant and contested
Dice pool: Presence + Persuasion vs. Composure + Supernatural Tolerance, modified by Commonalty
Cost: 3 Wisps, 1 Willpower
Duration: 1 scene

The true heir to the Kingdom, according to the Queen of Mirrors, is a living personification of the Light itself - her word becomes truth, her actions mighty, her presence a bastion of hope across the land. Mirrors’ avatar, who may be that heir someday, can assume the heir’s attributes for a time, when her followers need her. The Noble uses this Charm on members of an organization over which she has some influence or authority, none of whom are Hopeful; the member with the best Composure rolls to resist.

Dramatic Failure: The Noble offends her targets. She gains the Notoriety Condition [CofD 290] applying to Social dealings with them.
Failure: If the Noble does not win the contest, she gets no more charisma than she had already.
Success: If the Noble gets more successes - even just one - she gains a personal presence and magnetism that sways all who see or hear her; she has the benefits of Striking Looks •• and Royal Tongue until the Charm ends. (If she has Striking Looks or Royal Tongue already, these effects don’t stack with them.) This magnetism is even stronger on the people she targeted; they perceive the Noble as a paragon, the epitome of beauty and charm. When dealing with them, the Noble gains a +5 bonus on any roll to which Striking Looks applies, instead of the Merit’s bonus.
In fact, the attraction is so strong that the targets will, if the Noble desires, surrender their drive and determination to her. The Noble may spend the targets’ Willpower points as if they were her own, or convert their Willpower into Wisps at a 1:1 ratio. She may take Willpower from any one person up to her margin of success on the activation roll. Points taken in this way must be spent immediately; the Noble cannot use them to refill her personal Willpower or pool of Wisps. Targets reduced to 0 Willpower are crushed by a profound awareness of their inferiority and obligation to the Noble - nothing they might do could equal what this paragon accomplishes in a moment. (Whether they’ll feel the same once they’ve recovered some Willpower is up to the Storyteller.) Taking Willpower from anyone without permission is a compromise with a -3 penalty.
Exceptional Success: The charisma granted by the Charm persists even after it ends. At the end of the scene the Noble gains the Connected Condition [CofD 288] to the organization she enchanted.