Open Heart (•)Edit

Favor (Empathy)
Action: Permanent

When the Noble transforms, she radiates kindliness and trustworthiness; those she meets take her as a natural confidant.



Requires Acqua ••

The Noble’s knowledge of people allows her to predict their actions while they are absent. She may use Empathy to extrapolate what someone known to her is doing or has done while out of her sight, as an instant action. She takes a Sympathy penalty on this roll, and may apply Acqua to it. The Storyteller gives the Noble’s player one clue to her target’s behavior for each success.


Requires Aria ••

The Noble easily sees when people are on the edge of violence. She may use Empathy to read the emotions of all the people around her as an instant action, and may apply Aria to the roll; if she succeeds, and anyone present starts a fight, she adds her successes to her Initiative. The Noble can’t do this after a fight starts - she needs a few moments of calm to look for signs.


Requires Terra ••

The Noble can read people’s desires, hopes and fears as easily as most people can read faces. When she uses Empathy to understand a person, she may apply Terra and spend a Wisp to turn her successes on the roll into bonus dice for all Persuasion attempts on that person for the rest of the scene.