Peaceable Kingdom (•••••, Legno ••••)Edit

Avatar (Clubs)
Action: Instant
Dice pool: Intelligence + Animal Ken
Cost: 3 Wisps, 1 Willpower
Duration: 1 scene

The Queen of Clubs’ avatar is guardian and teacher of the beasts. The Noble undergoes a second transformation on activating the Charm, assuming traits that suggest a large and powerful animal - typically a lion, though bear-like and eagle-like miens are known, and there are rumors of one Hopeful who evokes a dragon. The change always suggests a king or queen of beasts, and the peril and majesty of the natural world; any mortal seeing the Noble is somewhat shaken, and she gains +1 on all Intimidation rolls against them until the Charm ends.

However, the main effect of the Charm is on beasts who see it. Any natural animal that can perceive the Noble when she activates the Charm has its Intelligence raised by 1 dot, becoming sapient. Further, the animals affected gain instant fluency in her native language, and the Charm grants them the ability to speak it comprehensibly if they have any ability to vocalize at all. The Noble may use Social Skills on the animals as she would with mortals, and gains a bonus on such rolls equal to her activation successes. When the Charm ends, the animals return to their former non-sapient state. If the Noble uses the Charm twice on the same animal, it remembers everything that happened during the first use.