Penetrating Eye (Perfect •)Edit

Action: Instant
Dice pool: Wits + Crafts - Durability
Cost: 1 Wisp
Duration: 1 scene

The Noble looks through solid objects, seeing what lies beyond them. When activating the Charm, she chooses a Durability level.

Dramatic Failure: The Charm works too well; the Noble looks through everything, and sees nothing properly. She takes the Blinded Tilt [CofD 281] as if blinded in one eye.
Failure: The Noble sees normally.
Success: Objects with a Durability less than or equal to the level the Noble chose become transparent to her eyes whenever she wishes to see what lies behind them. (This reduces the benefit of opaque cover [CofD 92] to the same as transparent cover.) If the Noble wants to look through two or more objects at once (say, a wardrobe and the wall behind it) the sum of all the objects’ Durabilities can’t exceed the level she chose; her vision stops at the first object that would take the combined Durabilities over the limit.
Exceptional Success: Add 1 to the level of Durability the Noble can see through.

Note that thin sheets of material, such as paper, most fabric or metallic foil, have Durability 0.