Persistently Peachy Pretty Perfect (••, Specchio •)Edit

Action: Permanent

The Noble is so stunning the universe itself cannot bear to mar her exquisite form. Any sensory effect that would grant her a negative situational modifier to social rolls, if her Specchio is equal to or greater than the modifier, is automatically nullified. For example a Noble with Specchio 2 is sprayed with mud by a passing car. Since this only gives a -2 penalty it is magically prevented, not a drop of mud sticks to the Noble. This effect protects the Noble from humiliation on all five senses, she won’t smell of mud, nor will her skin feel muddy to the touch.

Only the effects on appearance are protected. A Noble with Specchio 5 might be able to walk through miles of raw sewage and still look and smell fresh as a daisy afterwards but she is not protected from catching horrible diseases.