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Princess: The Hopeful Wiki

Welcome to Princess: The Hopeful Wiki
This is a wiki documenting a new fan-made roleplaying game, set in White Wolf's World of Darkness, that anyone can edit.
491 articles since July 2009!
This wiki is based off the collective creative effort found in [1]. We would prefer discussion about content to take place on the thread, not here, at least for the time being.
You may find compiled versions of Princess: the Hopeful Here
Warning: the Vocation version contains the rules as posted on and on this wiki. The Dream version is a fork with minor but significant differences from those rules.

Table of Contents

What's New
Princess: the Hopeful has been converted to the GMC rules. The pre-GMC version of the game has been archived here with both GMC-compatible versions.

Huitzil has forked the project due to irreconcilable creative differences. There is a wiki to record progress on the fork.