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Welcome to Princess: The Hopeful Wiki
This is a wiki documenting a new fan-made roleplaying game, set in White Wolf's World of Darkness, that anyone can edit.
491 articles since July 2009!
This wiki is based off the collective creative effort found in [1]. We would prefer discussion about content to take place on the thread, not here, at least for the time being.

Please note that as of 24 April 2022, parts of this Wiki are Very Very Out Of Date. Prospective players are instead highly recommended to check out the books themselves, either from the link below, or from the DISCORD SERVER, where we have a thriving community, including plenty of amazing fan-content that you won't find anywhere else - from new courts, to alternate settings, to optional in-progress mechanics for Queens.

You may find compiled versions of Princess: the Hopeful Here
Warning: the Vocation version contains the rules as posted on and on this wiki. The Dream version is a fork with minor but significant differences from those rules.

Table of Contents

What's New
Princess: the Hopeful has been converted to the GMC rules. The pre-GMC version of the game has been archived here with both GMC-compatible versions.

Huitzil has forked the project due to irreconcilable creative differences. There is a wiki to record progress on the fork.