Purify (••, Legno •)Edit

Action: Extended, 1 turn/roll, threshold = Toxicity + 1)
Dice pool: Resolve + Medicine
Cost: 1 Wisp
Duration: indefinite

The Noble destroys a poisonous substance within her patient’s body with nothing more than a caress. When the Noble reaches the threshold, the continuing effects of the foreign substance end immediately. For a drug (in a dose too weak to cause damage) the threshold is equal to the penalty to resist the drug’s effects, plus 1; for a poison, it’s the poison’s Toxicity + 1. If the Noble reaches the needed threshold before, or in the same turn as, a poison would inflict damage, that damage is prevented.

Upgrade: the PlaguedEdit

Cost: +1 Wisp

By spending Wisps in quantity, the Noble can cure mundane diseases. The threshold for this application equals the threshold the infected target must reach to throw off the disease himself, plus 1; if the target has accumulated any successes on his rolls to beat the disease, subtract those successes from the Noble’s threshold. The target is cured when the Noble reaches the threshold.

Upgrade: the Corrupted (Legno •••)Edit

Requires the Plagued
Cost: +1 Wisp, 1 Willpower

Even supernatural illnesses (such as mental damage from the destruction of one’s daimon, infestation with Abyssal bloodworms or spiders, a plague conjured by a vengeful wizard, or psychological addiction by a vampire’s Vinculum) yield to the Noble’s ministrations. The Toxicity of these diseases generally equals the potency of the effect that inflicts them - the ST sets a threshold for maladies that aren’t rated for potency. Purify cannot remove a supernatural template.