Rally Round the Flag (Inspire •••, Terra ••)Edit

Action: Instant
Dice pool: Presence + Expression
Cost: 2 Wisps
Duration: 1 scene

With a great shout, the Noble brings a panicked or riotous mob to its senses, and keeps it in order with her presence.

Dramatic Failure: The Noble panics, taking the Fearful Condition with respect to any person present who seems threatening.
Failure: The people near her pay no attention to the Noble.
Success: Any character who can see or hear the Noble recovers from any violent emotion they were undergoing. Temporary Conditions such as Maddened and Terrified end immediately; persistent Conditions that generate rage or fear lapse until the scene ends. Furthermore, while the affected characters are in the Noble’s presence, any supernatural power that creates rage or fear in its target must win a Clash of Wills against the Charm to influence them. Finally, if a combat is in progress, any character who shares the Noble’s intent may, once in the scene, apply the effect of the Steadfast Condition [CofD 291] while the Noble is present.
Exceptional Success: Affected characters gain a +2 bonus to resist attempts to enrage or frighten them.

The Charm does not calm a supernatural being who is inherently prone to rage or fear; it can’t, for example, stop or suppress a vampire’s frenzy or a werewolf’s Death Rage. However, it does remove Conditions created by supernatural powers that produce rage or fear, though depending on the power the Noble may need to win a Clash of Wills to do so.



Requires Terra •••

The Noble can use the Charm to bring a vampire in the midst of frenzy, a werewolf in Death Rage, or a supernatural being in similar plights back to sanity. She must concentrate the Charm’s power on her target, who contests with Resolve + Supernatural Tolerance. If she wins the contest, her target snaps out of his enraged or panicked state. All penalties on attempts to influence the target in his madness apply to the Noble’s activation roll.