Read the Wind (•, Aria •)Edit

Action: Instant
Dice pool: Wits + Composure
Cost: 1 Wisp
Duration: 1 scene

The air touches all things. Flowing and all-encompassing, it feels the shapes of objects by where it is not.

Dramatic Failure: The Noble becomes sure that something is watching her. She gains the Nervous Condition.
Failure: The Noble is limited to her normal senses.
Success: The Noble enjoys a reflexive knowledge of her surroundings, up to a range of 5x her successes in yards. This applies to 360 degrees around her. This ability is not sight, but an additional sense. The additional sense has a resolution of about 1/2" (2 centimeters) and the Noble knows the shapes, sizes, textures and positions of all objects in the area within that level of detail. It does not provide color; a book appears identical whether filled with profane words or chick-lit, although in the former case, a Wits + Crafts roll may be permitted to identify the characteristic texture of human skin binding the book.
The sense only works if air-currents can flow between the Noble and an object; she can’t use it to perceive what is in an air-tight box, although the fact that the draft coming from the floorboards is actually the result of an underground dungeon may be useful. The sense provides no advantage when the Noble is not immersed in a gas (most commonly air); being under water is probably the most common case of this. Her rolls to avoid being surprised by people in range of the additional sense ignore penalties from lack of vision - darkness, fog, or just having her back turned.
Exceptional Success: The Noble’s new sense makes her eye especially acute. She gets a +2 bonus on all Perception rolls until the Charm ends.