Reclaim (••••, Acqua •••)Edit

Requires Bath of Souls
Action: Extended and resisted, 10 minutes/roll
Dice pool: Presence + Medicine - target’s Resolve
Cost: 2 Wisps, 1 Willpower
Duration: lasting

The Noble restores a shattered mind to sanity. Reclaim removes a persistent Condition that affects a person’s mental state. Mild Conditions, such as Obsession, are easy to banish, requiring around 5 successes. Conditions like Broken, Fugue and Madness that resolve when a character’s Integrity changes are harder, calling for at least 10 successes. Reclaim requires a conscious target, but not a cooperative one; if the target does cooperate, the Noble does not subtract their Resolve from the roll.

Upgrade: GrandEdit

The Noble may use Reclaim to cleanse the Darkened of their tainted powers. For this use, the activation roll takes a -1 penalty for each of the target’s current Umbrae. The Noble takes this penalty even if the target is cooperating (and if he doesn’t, she must subtract his Resolve as well.) Getting 10 successes removes one Umbra from the target. Failing a roll and continuing triggers the Noble’s Sensitivity, and adds the number of the target’s Umbrae to her pool. A Darkened target with no Umbrae can be returned to full humanity with 10 successes.