Reflected Light (•)Edit

Action: Permanent

While the Noble is transformed, her senses are opened to the influence of magical powers. Whenever a supernatural power, whatever its source may be, is initiated by or actively affects a being within 10x Inner Light yards of the Noble (or on her directly) she becomes aware that something magical is taking place, though she can't tell what it was. Any supernatural concealment of the effect, its origin or its target defeats the Noble's reflexive perception automatically.

In addition, each time she notices a magical effect, the Noble may make a reflexive mundane Wits + Occult roll, and if successful perceives the basic facts about it: what it is affecting, the type of the being who used it, and (if it's initiated within her range) where that being is. Identifying a power from the Light or Darkness is instinctive for all the Hopeful; other types of supernatural, however, must be learned from experience. (For example, the Noble can tell that all vampiric Disciplines have the same origin, but she won't know that they're vampire powers unless she sees a known vampire using one.)

Finally, if she suspects its presence, the Noble can deliberately look for traces of hidden magic near her. This is an instant mundane unrolled action, and reveals the targets of any active supernatural effects within her range. Unlike her passive sense, this active scrutiny provokes a Clash of Wills with supernatural concealments. Any effects she notices, the Noble can reflexively examine as above.



The Noble can distinguish powers that come from the Light. Whe she rolls for information on an active Charm, she learns the Charm's function and what Invocation (if any) was applied in the casting. She will recognize by name any Charm and upgrades she knows herself or has seen in use before.


Requires Tempesta •

The Queen of Storms teaches the Nobility to recognize the works of her enemies. When she rolls for information on an Umbra or Caligo, the Noble learns exactly which power the Dark creature used.