Regal Bearing (•-•••••, Style)Edit

Requires Composure 3, Socialize 3

Your character carries herself with an air of sophistication and grace. Whether she rubs shoulders with European royalty or commands respect by walking through the door of an inner city church in Sunday best there’s no denying she is noble.

Figure of Authority (•): Your character was born to authority and wields it well. Whenever she adds Status to the dicepool of a mundane action she gains an additional die.

Effortless Elegance (••): Your character knows every unwritten rule of manners. In a formal situation Socialise specialties also provides their full bonus to Composure, so long at the roll is mundane and not supernatural. On a roll of Composure + Socialise the specialty applies twice.

Stiff Upper Lip (•••): A gentleman is not a fancy suit and elocution lessons; gentility is a way of life. At any time you can spend a point of Willpower to lessen the effects of a Condition representing a mundane mental or emotional effect upon your character. For the remainder of the scene any dice penalties that Condition applies to Social rolls are reduced by Composure. This Merit cannot affect Conditions representing a supernatural or physical effect (such as wound penalties or intoxication).

Dry Wit (••••): Whether your character looks down her nose at the help or reminds the room that an old family name does not make a pompous buffoon into a gentleman, she does it with such grace and subtlety that nobody can accuse her of impropriety without desecrating their own dignity. Any attempt to tarnish your character’s reputation based on her words, but not her deeds, takes a penalty equal to her Expression. This bonus does not apply when her words provide evidence of her deeds.

Manners Maketh Man (•••••): Your character radiates authority and poise, she is a pillar of strength in times of chaos. Whenever your character begins Social Maneuvering with a character who currently has a non-Persistent Condition representing a mundane mental or emotional effect they automatically open a number of doors equal to half their Composure, rounding up. This Merit provides no benefit when the target is suffering from Conditions representing supernatural or physical effects (such as wound penalties or intoxication).