Road Crew (•••)Edit

Action: Instant
Dice pool: Dexterity + Expression - desired equipment bonus
Cost: 3 Wisps
Duration: 1 session

Sometimes a Princess needs help to impress a crowd. The Noble creates a small crew of assistants to help her pull off a truly amazing performance. When activating the Charm the Noble chooses a mundane task related to performing or creating art that her crew can help her with, and sets the bonus she wants the crew to give her. She can have only one crew active at a time.

Dramatic Failure: The Noble creates several humanoid figures but has no control over them. They immediately run riot, and while not malicious they can be very very annoying and are certainly inappropriate to the Noble’s wishes. Think clowns not shock artists. They have a dice pool for making mischief equal to the Noble’s on the chosen task.
Failure: The crew doesn’t appear.
Success: The Noble creates several assistants. The crew acts as equipment for the chosen task, giving the specified equipment bonus to the Noble, or to anyone else she tells them to help. However, they carry the Volatile Condition [CofD 102] - at least one will dissolve if their principal fails an action they helped with.
Exceptional Success: The crew doesn’t flake out when their principal blunders. They don’t carry the Volatile Condition.

Assistants are solid but only when it relates to their assigned task; an actor would be able to interact with props, and wear costumes, but would not be able to fetch a cup of coffee. A cunning Princess might still be able to use them for other roles, she might ask her troupe to dance around waving their arms in front of her enemies face while she hides, or attack foes who don’t realize the backup dancers cannot hurt them. (Assume a 1 die pool on any social actions, mental and physical tasks fail automatically). If an assistant takes a single point of damage, even bashing, he vanishes into a puff of smoke or glitter.