Shadowmask (•••••, Lacrima •••)Edit

Requires Empty Heart
Action: Instant
Dice pool: Resolve + Stealth
Cost: 2 Wisps, Sensitivity check at +4
Duration: 1 scene or 1 night

Wrapping herself in the darkness in which the only true remnants of the Kingdom reside, the Noble becomes a true, immaterial figure of shadow. Glowing eyes may glare from the head of the figure, or it may be a featureless mask. Occasionally, long-lost stars twinkle within the cut-out from the universe, before being swiftly extinguished. Certainly, there is no way that she could be mistaken for human.

Dramatic Failure: The Noble only attracts the Darkness. She reaches a breaking point, at a -4 penalty.
Failure: The Noble is not changed.
Success: The Noble becomes a living figure of shadow for the rest of the scene.
Exceptional Success: The Noble may become a figure of shadow until the next sunrise, changing between that form and any others she possesses as if it were her transformed state.

As a figure of shadow, the Noble is immaterial; only beings who can touch things in Twilight can get any grip on her, and she passes through material objects like a ghost. She may do damage to people or objects by moving part of herself through them; resolve this as a close combat attack, rolling Strength + Lacrima. The target’s Defense reduces this pool, and Armor (or Durability) cancels successes, as with a normal attack. If she hits, she deals bashing damage ... and the target loses 1 Willpower point. The Noble cannot touch or move any material things without magic, or interact with them in any way other than damaging them. She can still speak, however; when interacting with mundane characters, she applies her Lacrima as a bonus to Intimidation rolls, and as a penalty to all other Social dice pools.

A light source is painful to approach or pass through; the Noble must roll Resolve + Composure to do so. Moreover, any source of damage based on light or heat (e.g. fire, industrial lasers, and some magical attacks) damages her as if she were material. If she ever takes more than 3 damage at once from one source, the cloak of shadows shreds and she must immediately return to a solid form; she also loses 1 Willpower point from the psychic shock. This ends the Charm unless she got an exceptional success, and even then the Noble may not assume the shadow form for 1 scene or during the daytime.

Until the Charm ends, the Noble gains the Darkened Condition, whether or not she is currently in shadow form. She does not, however, gain Umbrae as she would if she used Empty Heart, and she may not use Empty Heart before Shadowmask ends.