A princess must face many dangers during the War of Hope. This charm is the most powerful defense available to her. With this, she creates a powerful shield that protects herself and others. It can block nearly any attack, only limited by her own level of magic.

Armor (O) Edit

A protective aura surrounds your body.

Cost: 1 Magic Dice Pool: No roll Action: Standard Effect: Add your Inner Light to your armor rating.

Shell (OO+) Edit

A sphere of magical energy surrounds you and those near you, blocking all outside influence.

Cost: X Magic, 1 Willpower

Dice Pool: N/A

Action: Full round

Effect: You generate a bubble of magical energy around you, extending out three feet for each dot in Shield, containing the magic points you spent. The shield cannot hold more magic points than Shield + Inner Light. For each additional magic point spent beyond what the shield holds, the bubble extends ten feet. The bubble cannot be moved through by any means. Any attempt to use non-mental supernatural abilities on targets within the bubble suffers a –1 penalty for each dot in Shield. This bubble reflexively spends magic points to absorb damage. The bubble can absorb 1 point of aggravated damage, 2 points of lethal, or 5 points of bashing for each magic point the bubble expends. If more damage is dealt to the bubble than it has the ability to absorb, the excess damage is dealt to the bubble’s creator and the bubble is destroyed. As long as the bubble is maintained, you may spend additional magic points to reinforce it. The bubble’s creator cannot move or perform another action while the bubble is in place, except spending magic. The bubble is a perfect sphere and extends underground.