Skinchange (••••, Legno •••)Edit

Action: Instant
Dice pool: Dexterity + Animal Ken - difference in Sizes
Cost: 2 Wisps
Duration: until detransformation

A mysterious wolven tongue invites. Wouldn’t these ears suit you? Would not this proud long snout assist you in the hunt?

Dramatic Failure: The Noble’s body contorts painfully. She takes bashing damage equal to her Legno and cannot use the Charm until that damage is healed.
Failure: The Noble remains in her own shape.
Success: The Noble assumes the shape of a beast. The new shape is of one particular species of animal; her mundane Physical Attributes become equal to those of a normal animal of that species, while her Mental and Social Attributes, and her Skills, remain unchanged. The Noble’s transformed dots still apply, and she gains the animal’s natural abilities and attacks, and the ability to communicate with other animals of the species. She may also activate Charms in animal form.
The Noble cannot, however, speak any human language except the Royal Tongue unless the animal is able to mimic human speech (like a parrot); she takes penalties on any task that calls for hands, unless the animal has them (like a monkey) or capable manipulators (an octopus’ tentacles); and her Regalia are transformed away and unavailable. Finally, any object she picked up after transforming out of mundane form does not change with her.
Exceptional Success: The Noble retains the ability to speak a human language while in beast form.

The Noble may change into the form of any animal she can touch. She may also commit an animal’s form to memory by carefully studying it for at least a minute, and change to that form later; she can memorize a number of forms up to her Legno, and forget a form to learn a new one.

She subtracts the difference between her normal Size and the animal’s Size from the activation roll when using the Charm. She may remain in beast form as long as she can remain transformed normally, and may end the Charm at any time with a standard transformation action or by returning to mundane form.



Requires Legno ••••

The Noble doesn’t need to touch an animal or study it herself to assume its shape; she can extrapolate a form from others' descriptions of the beast. To accomplish this feat the Noble must succeed on a mundane Intelligence + Animal Ken roll, and take a -2 penalty to the Charm activation. If she commits an extrapolated form to memory she may resume it without penalty.

The Noble can also assume the shapes of animals which are extinct, or which never existed outside of myths and legends. The dice pool for such beasts is Intelligence + Science. However, she cannot become an animal with supernatural powers (other than her own) - she can’t turn into a fire-breathing dragon without a separate Charm that creates a blast of fire.