Speed Racer (•)Edit

Favor (Drive)
Action: Permanent

When the Noble is at the wheel, a car responds to her directions almost as if it were alive.

Upgrade: UndentedEdit

The Noble fends off blows to her vehicle as if it was her own body. She may reflexively spend 1 Wisp to reduce damage to a vehicle she is driving; after subtracting Durability, the vehicle takes only 1 point of damage if it takes any. If a source of aggravated damage hits the vehicle, she may spend 1 Wisp to subtract its Durability from the damage done, or 2 Wisps to reduce the damage to 1 point.

Upgrade: Tracking (Aria ••)Edit

The Noble can easily keep track of other cars when she’s behind the wheel. When she is shadowing someone, or being shadowed, while driving [CofD 72] her opponent in the contest takes a penalty on his roll equal to her Aria, and she may spend a Wisp to achieve an exceptional success on 3 successes.

Upgrade: Supercharged (Fuoco ••)Edit

The Noble coaxes her vehicle’s engine to perform beyond its normal ability. She may spend 1 Wisp to apply a number of modifications to the vehicle she is driving [CofD 99] up to her Fuoco, chosen from +1 dice modifier, +5 Speed, removing the Slow Acceleration tag, and adding the High Acceleration tag. The modifications last until the Noble stops driving the vehicle. The vehicle’s total modifications (installed or Charm-added) are limited to twice the Noble’s Crafts dots.

Upgrade: Undaunted (Fuoco ••)Edit

Requires Undented and Barrier Jacket

The Noble sheathes the vehicle she drives in her own armor. If she activates Barrier Jacket while driving a vehicle, it also adds the Jacket’s general Armor rating to the vehicle’s Durability, and the Durability of any part of the vehicle. Applying Fuoco to her Barrier Jacket (but not other Invocations) adds the Noble’s Fuoco dots to its Durability for one turn. If her Jacket is Fireproof, the vehicle’s fuel will not burn anywhere except in the engine; applying Fuoco keeps the vehicle from combusting, no matter how intense the fire.

The Jacket vanishes (removing both her personal armor and the vehicle’s Durability boost) if the Noble stops driving the vehicle, or when the scene ends.