Stare Master (•)Edit

Favor (Intimidation)
Action: Permanent

To her opponents, the Noble’s eyes feel like the stare of a thousand predators, and the aura she exudes is like a great beast stalking her prey. No wonder they become more... cooperative.

Upgrade: Third Degree (Acqua ••)Edit

When she questions people who keep secrets, the Noble adopts a cold, clinical manner that almost forces tongues to loosen. When she interrogates a person [CofD 71] and applies Acqua, she may spend 1 Wisp after seeing the result of her roll to reroll her dice pool, though she must accept the second result.

Upgrade: Staredown (Fuoco ••)Edit

The Noble assumes such a ferocious aspect that her enemy hesitates to strike her. When she tries to inflict the Cowed Tilt on someone, her target’s dice pool in the contest takes a penalty equal to her Fuoco dots, and she may spend 1 Wisp to reach an exceptional success on 3 successes.

Upgrade: Berserk (Tempesta ••)Edit

The Noble works herself up into a state of pure rage that terrifies all onlookers. She may spend 1 Wisp reflexively to add her Intimidation dots to her passive Defense for turns equal to her Tempesta. Each time the Noble takes damage while her Defense is boosted, add one turn to the boost’s duration for each source of damage. The bonus does not apply to the Noble’s Dodge pool.