Such a Lonely Word (Inspire •••, Acqua ••)Edit

Action: Instant
Dice pool: Intelligence + Expression
Cost: 1 Wisp
Duration: 1 scene
But I don't want some pretty face / To tell me pretty lies / All I want is someone to believe

A student of Acqua must tell the truth, but mere honesty doesn't convince everyone. The Noble can clothe the truths she speaks with magic that makes her honesty clear to all.

Dramatic Failure: The Noble achieves the opposite of her intent: those who hear her assume she lies. She takes a -2 penalty on Social rolls to communicate or persuade people for the rest of the scene, and may not use the Charm again until then.
Failure: The Noble's words are as convincing as usual, no more and no less.
Success: Until the Charm ends, no one who hears the Noble can question her sincerity. Any claim she makes will be taken in exactly the sense she intends to express, if a hearer can understand it at all, and the hearers will know beyond doubt that the Noble means every word of it. This can help the Noble open a Door in a social maneuver, or grant up to +2 dice on Social actions with people who might otherwise doubt her.
Exceptional Success: The Noble's honesty makes people inclined to trust her generally. In addition to the normal effect, she has a +1 bonus on all Social dice pools until the Charm ends.

Drawback: If the Noble breaks Acqua's ban (that is, attempts to deceive anyone) the Charm ends immediately and the person she spoke to recognizes her deceit for what it is.