Taint Awareness (••)Edit

Requires Beacon, Hopeful, Sworn or Shikigami

Your character’s sensitivity to corruption from the Darkness is so finely tuned that she can perceive it from miles away. Whenever a creature of the Darkness leaves the Dark World within Inner Light miles of your character (1 mile for a Beacon or Sworn), or the size or Severity of a Tainted area within that distance increases, your character suffers a sharp pain, a bout of nausea, or something equally unpleasant, which she recognizes as a sign of the Darkness at work. She may roll Wits + Sensitivity to acquire a sense of the direction and rough distance to the Tainted area or the place where the creature crossed over.

Dramatic Failure: Your character misinterprets her sense for Taint, and directs her attention to an unrelated location chosen by the Storyteller.
Failure: Your character loses track of the taint before she can fix its location.
Success: Your character senses where the taint happened within an error of 10% of its true distance from her, or wide enough that she’ll need to search for a scene to find the exact location.
Exceptional Success: Your character senses exactly where the taint happened; she can walk straight to the place without a pause.

Drawback: Each time your character actually enters a Tainted area, her senses are overborne by the place's corruption, and she takes the Stunned Tilt [CofD 286].