Tainted Allure of ViceEdit

There is something... fascinating about the character which calls to mortal souls; a sick, degrading allure to its presence which draws others closer. The character gains the Striking Looks •• Merit [CofD 54] as the entire way they move, speak, act becomes attractive, even if they do not change much physically. Darkspawn with this Umbra retain some allure and do not become ugly, instead gaining a beauteous depravity in their inhumanity.

Drawback: ... and it brings out the worst in others, for it is a guilty pleasure that wracks at the soul. At the time of purchase, the character chooses a Vice (Cruel, Treacherous, and Violent work well here.) As soon as the bonus dice from the Umbra apply to a Social roll against a person, that person gains the Vice-Ridden Condition with the chosen Vice (if that is already their Vice, there is no effect). The Vice gives Willpower only if indulging it harms, subjugates, or degrades the character in some way; for nearly everyone this behavior will be a breaking point. In packs of Darkspawn, ones with this Umbra are right at the bottom of the pack, because they suffer the indignities of their “peers” just as much as they had in life.