Take the Blow (Fight •)Edit

Action: Reactive
Dice pool: Unrolled
Cost: 1 Wisp
Duration: 1 attack

The Noble places her body in the path of a lethal blow, protecting the person it would have injured. She may activate the Charm just before a close combat attack when both the attacker and his target are within her Speed in yards of her (not, however, if she's the target.) When she does so the attack falls on her, not the attacker's intended target. The substitution happens before the attack pool is rolled, and the Noble can choose to defend passively, applying her Defense, or actively, rolling her Dodge dice pool.


Your Guardian AngelEdit

Requires Fuoco (•)
Duration: Fuoco turns

By interposing herself, the Noble takes the attacked person into her protection; anyone who wants to harm him must go through her. If she applies Fuoco, for turns equal to her Fuoco, beginning in the next turn, any character who attacks the person she protected loses his Defense against an attack from her until his next action. The Noble can protect only one person at a time; if she uses the Charm to defend someone else, the first activation expires.


Requires Legno (•)

The Turtle redirects any force to strike her hard shell, keeping it away from the weak. If she applies Legno, she may activate the Charm in response to a ranged attack. The attacker's range penalty to hit her has to be the same or less than the one to hit his intended target, but she can be in a completely different direction - a bullet can redirect in mid-flight towards her waiting shield.

When diverting an attack that uses autofire, the Noble can protect only one target, and chooses which before the attack resolves. An attack that affects an area is resolved as if aimed at the Noble's position. The Charm can't redirect close combat attacks from afar; the Noble must still be within her Speed in yards to intercept them.

Shield WallEdit

Requires Terra (•)

The Noble stands firm as a rock and holds the line together. If she applies Terra, she may activate the Charm as a reflexive action.