Tangling Vine (•••, Legno ••)Edit

Requires Empty Hands
Action: Instant and resisted
Dice pool: Strength + Brawl - target’s Defense
Cost: 1 Wisp
Duration: Concentration

A net of brambles grows in the Noble’s hands, and she throws it at a target [CofD 90]; the net is not aerodynamic. If she succeeds, she entangles the target in the net, and the brambles grapple him [CofD 89-90]. The Noble may spend her action in the next and subsequent rounds maintaining the grapple, and may use any move except Take Cover. If the target Breaks Free, or the Noble takes any action other than maintaining the grapple, the Charm ends. If she uses Restrain, the brambles remain after the Charm ends; the target must break them to end the Immobilized Tilt, and they have Durability equal to her Legno.



If the Noble applies this upgrade, the net grows sharp thorns; the Damage move in the grapple inflicts lethal damage.


Stackable 3 times
Cost: +0-2 Wisps

The net is broad enough to ensnare more than one person. Use the autofire rules [CofD 90]. The first purchase gives the net the bonus of a short burst. The second purchase adds 1 Wisp to the cost, and allows the equivalent of a medium burst. The third purchase adds 2 Wisps to the cost, and allows the equivalent of a long burst. The Noble must use the same move on everyone caught in the net; if a move doesn’t apply to a target, it’s wasted.