Tendril of Nothing (•••, Lacrima •••)Edit

Action: Instant and resisted
Dice pool: Presence + Intimidation - target’s Composure
Cost: 2 Wisps, 1 Willpower, Sensitivity check at +2
Duration: 1 scene

The void can seep into every mind. Give in, it says. Do not resist. Give up, and let your sorrows drown you.

Dramatic Failure: The Noble lets the void only into her own mind. She takes the Broken Condition [CofD 288]; if not resolved before then, the Condition expires at the next full moon.
Failure: The target is not affected by the Charm.
Success: The stillness of the void settles into the heart and mind of a foe. The target takes the Blighted Condition: he loses 1 dot from one of his Resistance Attributes for each success. The Charm cannot reduce any Attribute to less than 1, but it may reduce two or all three of Stamina, Resolve and Composure with 1 use. If the last box on the target’s Health track fills with aggravated damage, the Charm ends just before he dies. When the Charm does end, the target’s Attributes return to their normal values. The Charm may not be used on anyone currently affected by it.
Exceptional Success: The void terrifies the foe, showing him the foolishness of standing up to the Noble. In addition to the other effects, he takes the Beaten Down Tilt [CofD 87].