The Princess's Apprentice (Shape •••••, Metallo ••••) [Dawn]Edit

Avatar (Wands)
Action: Instant
Dice pool: Dexterity + Crafts
Cost: 3 Wisps, 1 Willpower
Duration: One Scene

The land that would be Gonel was once wild, untamable and uninhabitable. However, the Queen of Wands has claimed this land as her own, doing the impossible through hard work and a touch of magic to turn it into a thriving Kingdom. A Princess who touches upon the Queen of Wands fortitude may also do great feats even if she’s alone.

When a Princess uses this charm, she gains the Unlimited House Works Condition. She may give inanimate objects orders as if she used Tool Whispering with the Dancing Upgrade, and may change their orders or drop them as an instant action, or even take control of the objects employing a dicepool of Metallo + Appropriate Skill and move them as she pleases. Unlike Tool Whispering, inanimate objects without any ability to move under their own power are now able to, having an effective speed equal to the Noble’s Dexterity + Metallo. All objects affected must be in sensory range, and the Noble may only affect a maximum number of objects equal to her Metallo.

While the Noble wears the mantle of Wands, she and her regalia becomes more detailed, each line or scar of motif telling a story of what she’s done. Silver threads also spool from her hands and connect to the objects she’s controlling, though nothing is able to cut through them. The Noble also gains the Invocation Lock keyed to Metallo.