Their Blood Cries Out (••, Tempesta •••)Edit

Action: Extended and resisted, 1 turn/roll, threshold = target’s Willpower + successes from time elapsed
Dice pool: Manipulation + Empathy - target’s Composure
Cost: 1 Wisp, Reckless Condition
Duration: 1 scene

The Queen of Storms knows that mortals forget their sufferings in time, and teaches her dedicated followers a way to repair this flaw. The Noble may use this Charm on a person who has recently been injured, physically, mentally or socially. On reaching the threshold, the target’s emotional state returns to where it was when he discovered the injury, and his memories of events since then seem vague and unimportant. The threshold for activation depends on how long ago the injury was; matching the target’s Willpower reaches an injury in the past week, and each success above that doubles the interval.

Until the Charm ends, the target takes the False Memory Condition at a level of the Noble’s Tempesta, which gives him a -2 penalty to resist any suggestion that he revenge himself upon those who injured him. He cannot recall anything his enemy did in apology, or any penalty he paid - if restitution was made to the target’s satisfaction, the Condition suppresses his memory of it. The modifiers apply to whoever the target believes injured him, even if he is mistaken.

Bringing back someone’s outrage at an injury inspires the Noble to outrage herself, and makes her careless. On reaching the threshold, the Noble takes the Reckless Condition.

Upgrade: CollectiveEdit

Modified by Commonalty
Cost: +1 Wisp

The Noble may use the Charm on members of an organization who can hear her, applying the Commonalty modifier. The injury done must have been to the organization, or to people as representative of it, as far as the targets believe; that is, the targets must believe that people were injured because they belonged to the organization, and not for any other reason. As with the basic Charm, this belief need not be accurate. The member with the highest Composure resists for the group.