Tisiphone's Call (••, Tempesta •)Edit

Action: Instant and resisted
Dice pool: Wits + Empathy - target’s Composure
Cost: 1 Wisp
Duration: lasting

Injuries must be discovered and avenged. When examining her target closely, the Noble learns how he has suffered, and who to pursue with Furious justice. The Charm’s target must be a person close enough for the Noble to speak to.

Dramatic Failure: The Noble takes the Misled Condition. The Storyteller describes a false vision of the target being injured, by people who are actually innocent, and the Noble believes the vision. Further uses of the Charm on the target won’t clear up the Condition - the Noble must discover her mistake by other methods. She may not use the Charm on this target for the rest of the scene.
Failure: The Noble learns nothing of her target. She may not use the Charm on this target for the rest of the scene.
Success: The Noble gains flashes of insight into her target’s enemies and tormentors. The Storyteller must answer one question about the following subjects truthfully for each activation success:
  • The name or description of someone who has harmed the target - physically, mentally or socially
  • The nature of the harm done to the target
  • Where the person who harmed the target is most likely to be, to the target’s best knowledge
  • The name or description of a creature of Darkness the target has encountered The Noble may ask questions about more than one person in a single activation. She may use the Charm on this target again, but later activations during the scene take a cumulative -1 penalty.
Exceptional Success: The Noble gains considerable insight into her target’s enemies.

Upgrade: Personal (Tempesta ••)Edit

The Tempesta Invocation encourages all attempts to fight injustice. The Noble may look for insight into the target’s character and abilities, so far as these resonate with the Tempesta Invocation or the credo of the Queen of Storms. Add the following to the list of subjects the Noble may ask about.

  • The target’s Strength, Dexterity or Stamina
  • A Skill or specialty that makes the target a good warrior or avenger: Athletics, Brawl, Firearms, Weaponry, Stealth or Intimidation, or one appropriate specialty of any Skill
  • A Merit that helps the target on the field of battle (e.g. a Fighting Style)