Travel in Style (Shape ••••, Legno •••)Edit

Action: Full turn
Dice pool: Composure + Crafts - number of people to shelter
Cost: 2-6 Wisps
Duration: until 1 hour after sunrise

Nobles of Clubs often travel in the wilderness, but like their namesakes, the Turtles carry a shelter with them. The Noble chooses how many people to provide shelter to when she activates the Charm.

Dramatic Failure: The Noble faints, and can’t be awakened for at least eight hours.
Failure: The Noble waves swatches of cloth about with no result.
Success: Lengths of brightly colored cloth whirl from the Noble’s hands, before settling on wooden scaffolding. Once the cloth stops moving, the Noble stands within a tent large enough to accomodate everyone she wanted to, with the proper number of camp beds, a central fireplace for cooking, and a side chamber for calls of nature. The tent flaps, if tied shut, can’t be opened from the outside, and despite its apparent fragility the tent’s fabric has a Durability equal to the Noble’s Legno.
When the flaps are tied, the interior swiftly comes to the climate of a warm spring day; any environmental Tilts due to the weather cease to apply inside the tent. Moreover, the Noble can spend extra Wisps to protect the interior from the worst that nature can do: the third and subsequent Wisps she spends to activate the Charm reduce the effective level of an extreme environment [CofD 97] by 1 step each within the tent.
Exceptional Success: The tent’s outer surface is camouflaged. Perception rolls to notice its presence take a -2 penalty.

The tent will tremble when the rays of the dawning sun reach it, then fold up and vanish when the last occupant leaves it or one hour has passed. Anyone still inside at the end of that hour is unceremoniously dumped onto the ground where the tent rested.