True Names (•, Terra •)Edit

Action: Instant and contested
Dice pool: Wits + Socialize vs. Composure + Supernatural Tolerance
Cost: 1 Wisp
Duration: lasting

A Princess of Hearts understands the importance people attach to the names they wish to use. To activate the Charm, the Noble greets the target when meeting them in person. A target who wants to hide his name contests the Charm reflexively and unconsciously.

Dramatic Failure: The Noble cannot call the target by his right name. For the next 24 hours, she will use a wrong name for the target when addressing him or talking about him, and no correction will stick in her memory. In a social maneuver on the target during this time, the Noble’s impression worsens by one step.
Failure: The Noble learns nothing about the target.
Success: The Noble learns her target’s name. If the target has more than one ID, the Noble learns the name of the ID closest to the target’s heart, the one used by their close intimates. That name, and the target’s face, remain in the Noble’s memory indefinitely; she needs no roll to recall either in the future.
Exceptional Success: The Noble’s friendly manner puts her target at ease. If she begins a social maneuver on him in the current scene, her impression improves by one step.

Using the Charm on a transformed Noble gives the name of her transformed ID, not her mundane name. Similarly, if the target has a power similar to the Nobility’s dual identity, the Charm finds the name of the ID he’s currently using. Once the Noble has learned someone’s name from this Charm, she cannot use it on him again.