Unseen Traveler (•)Edit

Favor (Stealth)
Action: Permanent

A Princess usually wants to be seen, to be noticed, to be the one that holds the lantern of Light that is the beacon to guide others. But sometimes, being seen is exactly what you don’t need, as the Darkness flees from the Light it becomes harder to determine its plan and intent.



Requires Aria ••

The Princess is especially difficult to follow, or shake off. When she shadows someone, or is being shadowed, while on foot [CofD 72] her opponent in the contest takes a penalty equal to her Aria, and she may spend a Wisp to achieve an exceptional success on 3 successes.


Requires Lacrima ••

The Princess’ movements are almost silent. When she attempts a surprise attack, her target’s roll to avoid surprise [CofD 88] takes a penalty equal to her Lacrima, and all attempts to locate her by listening take the same penalty. Moreover, she may spend a Wisp to give herself the Silenced Tilt for a number of turns equal to her Lacrima.