Unweaving (••••)Edit

Disciplines, Gifts and Contracts. Oh My!Edit

Can a Princess unravel a Gift, or unpick a Contract? By default a Princess can only use Unweaving on magic created by Princesses, the Dark and other things found in the Princess books. Even when a Gift is mechanically similar to a Charm they are metaphysically different enough that a Princess cannot unpick the threads and end the magic.

This is true, unless you, the Storyteller, decide it is not. Allowing Princesses to undo the magic of others is certainly an advantage over other creatures, but if all the players are Princesses or the other creatures are given an equivalent ability to undo Charms this might not be a problem. You might choose to allow Unweaving to work against all forms of magic, at say a -2 penalty for targets unrelated to Princesses (waive the penalty if the Princess belongs to an appropriate Embassy).

Action: Reactive and resisted
Dice pool: Dexterity + Occult - target Charm’s effective rating
Cost: 2 Wisps
Duration: lasting

To unravel magical defenses, to unpick a curse upon a beloved little sister, to tear apart a hostile Charm flying at you. There are many reasons why one Noble might need to unweave the Charms of another; this Charm allows her to do so. Unweaving may be used against another Charm when it activates, or on a Charm already activated after several minutes of close study.

The Noble can also unweave the dreadful powers learned by Dark creatures. Unweaving may be used against an activated Caligo, either when it activates or while it’s in effect. Permanent Caligines and Umbrae can’t be unwoven.

Dramatic Failure: The Noble strains her own magic. She gains a Hypersensitive Condition that expires when the scene ends.
Failure: The target Charm is unaffected.
Success: The Noble disrupts the target Charm. If it was in place its duration ends immediately; if it’s being activated, it fails automatically.
Exceptional Success: A Charm intercepted as it activates has an automatic dramatic failure. Otherwise, the Noble gains insight into the Hopeful who created the target Charm, gaining the Informed Condition [CofD 289] for tasks related to her.
Suggested modifiers: the target Charm is cast on a human (including Sworn and Princesses) (+2), the target Charm is cast on something other than a living being (-2), the Princess knows a Charm from the same family (+1), the Princess knows the target Charm (+3), the Princess applies an emotionally appropriate Invocation, such as Fuoco to unpick magic that turns love to loathing or Acqua to remove a curse of ignorance (+2), the Princess applies an elementally appropriate Invocation, such as Acqua to extinguish a magical fire (+2), the Princess applies an emotionally or elementally inappropriate Invocation (-2).

Road of Dawn UpgradeEdit

Not In Kansas AnymoreEdit

Requires Fulmine •••
Cost: 1 Willpower

Normally, Princesses' magic is incompatible with other magic save through the help of Embassies. However, Fulmine connects to other powers, and can dispel them just as easily. The Princess may now target powers outside of Charms and powers of the Darkness, cast by other supernaturals.