Valiant Mind (••)Edit

Action: Permanent

The Noble is the captain of her soul; she does not allow anyone to violate it. She may use a transformation action to raise or lower a shield against attempts to intrude into her mind. While the shield is up, any supernatural powers that read, alter, or communicate with the Noble's mind provoke a Clash of Wills. If she realizes her mind is being attacked, the Noble may apply an Invocation to her dice pool in the Clash.


Requires Legno ••

The Noble's thoughts fascinate those who probe into them, leaving them blind and deaf to the outside world. The Noble may choose to lose the Clash of Wills to draw the intruder into a net of entrancing images, giving him the Insensate Tilt [CofD 285]; while the intruding power takes effect, its user does nothing but contemplate the Noble's inner harmony until the Tilt lapses.


Requires Tempesta •••

The Noble's rage consumes those foolish enough to transgress into her thoughts. She may set her shield to fill her with fury when a supernatural power tests it, and inspire deadly fear in the intruder. If the Noble wins the Clash of Wills, she may reflexively accept the Maddened Condition, focused on the character who used the power, to inflict the Fearful Condition on him, focused on herself. Both Conditions fade when the scene ends, without resolving.