Warmed by Hate Alone (•, Tempesta ••)Edit

Action: Reflexive
Cost: 1 Wisp, 1 Willpower
Duration: 12 hours

The Noble can call upon her hatred of the Darkness to keep herself warmed against the most bitter and tainted chills. While the Charm lasts, the Noble may ignore a part of the curses on Tainted areas; with respect to her, the effective Severity of any Taint is lowered by her Resolve + Tempesta. A Fury’s Practical Magic enhances the Charm’s effect - applying Storms’ Practical Magic reduces a Taint’s Severity by the Noble’s current wound penalty, on top of the Charm’s basic effects.

At a Resolve + Tempesta of 6 or more the Noble can comfortably survive the environment of the Dark World, though she gains no protection from the many more active dangers in that physical hell. She is not affected by the Extreme Taint Tilt until the Charm ends.