We Rely on You (•)Edit

Action: Instant and resisted
Dice pool: Presence + Empathy - target's Resolve
Cost: 1 Wisp
Duration: indefinite

A few words of encouragement can inspire anyone to scale the heights. No single person may be the target of We Rely on You more often than once a scene.

Dramatic Failure: The Noble loses her confidence. She gains the Shaken Condition [CofD 290].
Failure: The target is unmoved by the Noble's exhortation.
Success: The Noble gives the target a mission and the confidence to accomplish it. He gains the Blessed Condition, with 1 banked die for each activation success.
Exceptional Success: The target becomes very capable when carrying out his appointed task.


[Queen]'s CommissionEdit

Requires Invocation •

This is actually a set of upgrades, one for each Queen. If the mission the Noble gives her target is in accord with the Invocation tied to the upgrade, the Blessed Condition has two banked dice, not one, for each activation success. Any mission for which the Invocation would apply at no cost qualifies, and others may with Storyteller approval - except for Mirrors' Commission. For that upgrade, the assigned mission must glorify the Noble, not her target.