Wearing a Heavy Crown (•••••, Terra ••••)Edit

Avatar (Hearts)
Action: Instant
Dice pool: Presence + Persuasion, modified by Commonalty
Cost: 2 Wisps, 1 Willpower
Duration: 1 scene

To be the Queen of Hearts’ avatar is to become the leader people need, the leader the people may one day deserve. The Noble assumes that role and leads any who will follow to greatness. This Charm is used on members of an organization who are willing to work at the Noble’s direction, or towards a goal that she has set She can let others come up with plans (what leader doesn’t have advisers?) but the final decision of what the members do must rest on her shoulders alone.

Dramatic Failure: The Noble proves herself unworthy of leadership and may not apply Terra again for (11 - Belief) days.
Failure: The Noble cannot claim a crown. The Charm fails.
Success: The Noble undergoes a second transformation; a heavy crown appears upon her brow. Her words and appearance stiffen the resolve of her subordinates; while carrying out her plans, the targeted people substitute the Noble’s Presence for their Resolve. Derived traits such as Willpower aren’t affected, but dice pools based on Resolve and resistance to supernatural powers are.
Also, when the targeted people are working as a team to carry out the Noble’s plans, each secondary actor adds dice equal to the number of actors on the team or the Noble’s activation successes (whichever is less) to the dice they contribute to the primary actor’s roll. (For example, in a team of 3, the 2 secondary actors can contribute up to 3 dice, for a total of 6, beyond the dice from their rolls.)
Exceptional Success: The first time the targeted people succeed in an action taken at the Noble’s command (in a team or alone) they regain a point of Willpower.

Drawback: The Noble’s Sensitivity rolls gain the 8-again quality when either the victim or the perpetrator is a member of the target group. In addition, if following her advice causes any member to lose Integrity, the Noble reaches a breaking point, rolling for compromise at a penalty of at least -3.