Wreathed in Flame (••, Fuoco •)Edit

Action: Instant
Dice pool: Presence + Athletics
Cost: 1 Wisp
Duration: successes in turns

Passion for her beloved ignites in a fiery nimbus, burning anyone who interferes with the Noble.

Dramatic Failure: The Noble sets herself on fire; the Charm’s nimbus burns her once as it would burn what she touched has she succeeded.
Failure: The Noble sheds a few sparks that go out without igniting anything.
Success: The Noble chooses someone she holds in affection. For one turn per success, her flesh and anything she wears or carries is a source of flame, of a color and Intensity set by the affection’s nature and strength (see the Heartfire Condition for details.) Anyone and anything that touches the Noble is burnt as by a torch-sized fire of the given Intensity [CofD 98] as is anyone or anything she touches that was not on her person when she used the Charm. The Noble may try to touch an opponent in combat to burn them, instead of attacking them, but an attack does not burn her target even if she damages him.
Exceptional Success: The nimbus burns as hotly as a bonfire.

Upgrade: BankedEdit

The Noble can temporarily suppress the flames, allowing her to handle things without burning them.

Upgrade: GrantedEdit

The Noble can turn someone else’s passion into an aura of flame. She must know of someone the target holds in affection; when she touches him, he gains a fiery nimbus exactly as if he had activated the Charm himself.

Upgrade: WildEdit

Cost: +1 Wisp

The fires leap with the Noble’s strikes; each time she successfully damages an opponent in close combat, he is burnt as if she had only touched him.